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Freight Academy is pleased to launch the IMDG 36-12 General Awareness Course on 12th of August 2014.

This blended Course of the IMDG 36-12 General Awareness is designed by Exis Technologies, UK for the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). The Course is approved by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, National Development Unit, Land Transport & Shipping.

The Course is a blend of practical experience sharings combined with a web designed cursus to cover topics and chapters of the IMDG Code enabling familiarization and awareness on packaging, packing, transport, handling as well as on board stowage of dangerous goods.

The Course aims at staff and personnel dealing with documentations, packing, warehousing, handling, safety, security, transportation overland and by sea as well as those who want to get familiarized with Dangerous Goods transportation.

Student goes through an open book online examinations after each elements.
Please note that the course is MQA approved and subject to HRDC refund.

Course Objectives

  • To identify the IMDG Codes
  • To apply the provisions of the IMDG Code to safely and efficiently perform their role in the transportation of dangerous goods by sea and overland.

Course Content

  • General Provision, Definitions and Training
  • Classification
  • Dangerous Goods Lists, Special Provisions and Exceptions
  • Packing and Tank Provisions
  • Consignment Procedures
  • Construction and Testing Packagings, Intermediate Bulk Containers, Large Packagings,
  • Portable Tanks, Multiple elements, Gas Containers and Road Tank Vehicles
  • Provisions Concerning Transport Operations
  • Safe Handling and Handling of Dangerous Cargo in the Port Area

Certificate of Attendance from Freight Academy
Certificate of Completion from Exis Technologies (UK)

 Course days & Time: Tuesday & Thursday (From 15:00 to 18:00) 

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