Excellence in Purchasing Management

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Excellence in Purchasing Management (MQA Approved)


To acquire an understanding on how purchasing can contribute positively to the company’s financial statements and how purchasing strategies can assist an organisation to achieve competitive advantage and how to build a supplier base.


Course Objectives:

  • To understand the change of purchasing from an independent function to an integrated activity as well as the supply chain concept.
  • To identify various forms of purchasing strategy aimed at gaining competitive advantage.
  • To indicate the moving away from quality control towards quality assurance.
  • To compare price analysis with cost analysis.
  • To understand the different stages of negotiation and taking right decisions.
  • To understand the basics of a practical approach to outsourcing.
  • To be able to measure purchasing performance.
  • To understand a contract formation and understand the ethics in purchasing.
  • To be aware of the Procurement Act.


Who can take the course?        

  • Purchasing Officers, Supply Chain Managers, Production Controllers and Merchandisers
  • School Leavers (HSC & SC Students) who are considering career in purchasing and procurement

Course Content:

  1. Purchasing development
  2. Supply processes
  3. Quantity and Inventory
  4. Quality and Specifications
  5. Supplier selection
  6. Price and Cost Management
  7. Services, Make or Buy, In sourcing and Outsourcing
  8. Negotiation
  9. (i) Contract Formation

(ii) Ethics in Purchasing

  1. Controlling Performance, Efficiency and Effectiveness
  2. Strategy

Duration: 27.5 HOURS (11 SESSIONS of 2.5 HOURS)

Date and Time: Saturdays from 9:00hr to 11:45hr (including 15 mins break)

 The course is subject to HRDC refund.



 Certificate awarded: Certificate of attendance to be awarded to the participant at the end of the Course 

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