Rules and regulations


The Administration office keeps a record of each student’s attendance, which reflects his or her academic performance. All students are expected to attend their classes according to their timetable and required number of hours. In case of an illness of three days or more, a Medical Certificate will be necessary. The students will need to inform the Academy in case of absences.

Only those students achieving at least 80% attendance will be eligible for Attendance Certificate.

Personal Conduct

Students are expected to behave as responsible mature persons, and act with in the moral norms of the society while attending the Academy. The students are expected to abide by the general code of conducts below:

  1. Be responsible for your own life and that of others
  2. Be respectful of the rights of all individuals
  3. Be cultured and open to different civilizations and concerned for justice and integrity of the earth.
  4. Have a sense of a good order and a reasonable approach to disciplines.
  5. Have such qualities as unselfishness, self control and respect others.
  6. Keep the highest standard of honesty, integrity and good manners.
  7. Keep away from factors that may influence you towards any act of corruption.
  8. Keep the environment of the Academy a non smoking area
  9. Keep the classroom and its environment safe and undamaged
  10. Be regular and punctual

Tuition Fee

In case of an International Student, all fees must be paid in advance. Local students may like to pay in pre-approved installments by the Admissions Officer and incur an advance payment. The Academy reserves the right to suspend students from attending classes without an advance notice if their fees are in arrears.


The Academy reserves the right to cancel any advertised courses at the Academy due to insufficient admissions or enrollments.

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