Freight Academy, an MQA licensed training institution, was set up in the year 2006 to fill a vacuum in the Logistics Industry. It is proud to stand as an outstanding pioneer institution in Mauritius to provide efficient and effective training services in the Customs clearance and Freight sector. Globalization and different trade protocols and treaties have greatly changed the nature of today’s business, thus compelling all to keep abreast with the changing environment and new world economic order.

Due to the shortcoming of professional practice within the industry, Freight Academy is committed to provide training which is central to the quality of professional services extended to the business community.

As the only training Centre with a special needs program, Freight Academy aims further at providing necessary skills, ability, knowledge and attitude to meet the challenges of the new developments in the Customs clearance and Freight sector.

As from May 2010, Freight Academy is also an IATA Authorized Training Centre (ATC) to provide courses in Travel & Tourism, Aviation and Air Cargo Training Programmes.

It is also licensed by Exist Technologies to promote IMDG Code of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to stakeholders involved in Transportation & Handling of Dangerous Goods.

In collaboration with Coastline Solutions, it provides UCP 600 accredited by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

We are committed to shape career paths by providing the competitive edge required to be an efficient professional. We provide access to knowledge and develop quality education for the competitiveness of our trading community.

The Academy is fully equipped with the required facilities to learn in a conducive environment. Our trainers come from various sectors of supply chain, travel and tourism, aviation, cargo, bank and Insurance. They are qualified people with long work experience in their respective field.

Our services have been solicited overseas like Kenya, Georgia, Tanzania, Uganda and Djibouti.

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